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Please select bale and mesh sizes for pricing.



Small:  Fits 4x4/5 Round Bale up to 1,000 lbs.

Medium: Fits 5x5/6 Round Bale 1,000 lbs - 1,600 lbs

Large: Fits 6x6/7 Round Bale 1,600 lbs+

Help reduce the waste of hay, can be fed with or without a feeder depending on if horse has shoes.


MUST be in a feeder if you have shoes.

Round Bale Net

  • When starting your horse out on Knaughty Nets make sure you offer them loose hay first along with hay in the net.  It will take them a few days to figure things out...we do not want the net to become a source of frustration.

    If your horse has shoes, net MUST be hung up at least chest high or in a feeder and secured so shoes do not get caught in the mesh.


    TIP:  To fill over garbage bin or muck bucket for easy filling.

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