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CoolAid Horse & Dog Equipment


Welcome to Knaughty Nets and Pets where quality and service meet!!


We offer quality NETS in a variety of sizes made of twisted knotted nylon that is dyed black and bonded...NOT TARRED!!!


All of our defender products (cordura like material) can be embroidered at your favorite place.....use these for high point prizes, year end awards or put your own horse or barn name on them.

We also offer custom net building. 


Want to ride your horse bareback but can't get on without a mounting block and don't have one around....check out our



We are also offering stunning waterproof PANTIES for your girl in season or having a little leaking issue and  BELLY BANDS for your boy having the same problems.

Check out our links to see all products and information.


Introducing....Winter Canine/Livestock Blankets

1200 Denier WaterProof Outer Layer in Black, 300 Gram Fill and a strong nylon under layer, and using 8 different webbing choices to accent the blanket edge. Metal Buckles in front and belly for easy adjusting and elastic leg straps.




Knaughty Nets & Pets is proud to be the Dealers for CoolAid powered by CoolCore Horse and Dog Cooling and Recovery Products


No matter new or old, icing and cooling of injuries are a major component of promoting healing and benefiting chronic conditions, these products are easy to use from..​

  •         wraps

  •         dog cooling blankets & vests

  •         bandanas dog and human



Millet, Alberta, Canada


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