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How to Load a Square Bale


  • Open Net all the way

  • Place Net over square bale like a sock

  • Roll all the way down

  • Pull rope to close

  • Secure with D ring

  • Stuff rope inside bale

Easy Way to Load a Trailer or Stall Net


  • Secure around a muck bucket or garbage bin

  • Load hay inside

  • Pull rope to close

  • Hang to desired height with snaps on D rings

Small HHHow to Load the Steel Feeders Part 1-3oweading
How To Convert One of Our Nets Use Plumbing Pipe:


















Step 1)  Remove Rope

Step 2) Weave Pipe where rope was

Step 3) Cut pipe to correct size

Step 4) Secure closed with coupling

If using with Overnights, Stall or Trailer

Step 5) Push net through fence opening

Step 6) Secure with brackets to fence

If using with a Round Bale Net

Step 5) Place Hay Bale in Feeder

Step 6) Place Net with Pipe over Hay/Feeder (inside)

Step 7) Secure to feeder with rope.

(Make sure the diameter of your feeder will fit the opening of Knaughty Nets...Can make custom to order)

Things you Need:

Knaughty Net (Size your Choice)

Plumbing Pipe 

Coupling (1)

Hose Clamps (2)

Mounting Brackets (metal or rope)

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