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Why is CoolAid products better than any other cooling product on the market?
That's Easy!! Our Products are 100% chemical-free, no PVA's, gels, crystals or phase changing material! The award winning patented material is unlike any other cooling technology. CoolAid products cooling effect will never was out or fade away; in fact we encourage you to wash your products! The cleaner the product the greater the cooling!  Our products are lightweight, easy to use and after each use, the prodcuts can be dried until you are ready to use the product again.

Taken from the CoolAid website.

Products Available:


CoolAid Cooling and Icing Wraps
CoolAid Cooling Bandanna
CoolAid Cooling Vest 
CoolAid Cooling Blanket

CoolAid Equine Cooling and Icing Wraps (pairs)
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Cool Aid cooling bandanna's

Chemical Free Cool Technology

100% Machine Washable

30% Lower Surface Temperature

Wicks Sweat Away from the body

Moisture Transportation-Accelerates drying

Regulated Evaporation-Consistent Cooling Effect

Any Temperature of water will start the cooling process

boxer Coolaid.JPG
Cool Aide cooling and icing wraps
Cool Aide cooling and icing hock wraps
Cooling blankets for dogs
CoolAid Products Boxer meets Stuffed dog
Cooling Blankets for large dogs
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