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Half bale slow feed hay net
Small square slow feed hay net
2-3 flake slow feed hay net

Why Use Knaughty Nets?


Experts say we should encourage our horses to eat the way nature intended...that means, ideally, grazing 18-20 hours a day.


Slow feeding allows this to happen...while horses continually secret acid into their stomach, saliva from chewing buffers the acid, therefor helping reduce the risks of gastic ulcers.


Slow feeding also gives the horse something to do...alleviated bordom which prevents or moderates unwanted behaviors such as cribbing, weaving, stall walking, fence chewing.


Slow feeding helps relax your horse and herd as there is no long term fasting between feed times and they suffer from less digestive discomfort and food obsession.

INTRODUCING:  The Hen Pecker Bag:

                                              Perfect Mesh Bag to add hay or scraps for your birds...we have used it with Muscovy Ducks, Wild Turkeys, Laying Hens and Parrots.


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